Mrs N. suffered from back pain and stiffness after a motor vehicle accident.  She was experiencing muscle spasms and movement was limited.  After one treatment she had relief from the spasms, and could move easier, but still was stiff and sore.  She had further improvement with a second treatment a few days later, and then a further two treatments which significantly reduced stiffness and increased mobility.  Heat treatment was used in conjunction with the Shiatsu. Stretches were suggested to help keep her back limber and encourage healing.


Mr. P. came to me looking for relief from symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.  In Eastern medicine, Parkinson's results from a condition called Liver Wind.   By giving a full body treatment, with particular attention to specific points along the Liver channel, we were able to diminish a lot of the dizziness that this client was experiencing, and help reduce his tremours, particularly at night.  Work on facial muscles helped bring some mobility back.  Regular treatments reduced joint pain and stiffness.  Although Shiatsu is not a cure for Parkinson's, it has helped this client live a better quality of life.

Anne Cameron Shiatsu Therapy in Brockville

1. Who benefits from Shiatsu?

Anyone who has a diagnosed condition, such as migraines, lumbago, etc. can benefit, as well as those who don't feel well but can't get a specific diagnosis as to why. All age groups are treated; I have worked on children as well as seniors, with very good results.

2. How many treatments will I need?

It depends on the severity of the condition.  As a general rule, we say for every month you've had the condition, that you will need one Shiatsu treatment.  I usually suggest weekly treatments for 3 weeks, then check on the progress with you.  Maintenance treatments of one per month are suggested following that.

Case Studies:

Anne Cameron Shiatsu Therapy

By Anne Cameron, Dipl Shiatsu Therapy, CST, Shiatsu Therapy Assn of OntaRio

Our bodies are composed of matter and energy. The energy, called "chi" circulates through our bodies along meridians or pathways.  When this flow is distorted, illness and discomfort result. With Shiatsu, the chi flow is normalized, improving circulation, lessening tension, easing pain and stress as well as helping the body's own inherent healing processes to ramp up. Stiff muscles loosen, blood and lymph flow improves, inflammation and pain recede, and wellbeing results!

A Shiatsu or Acupressure treatment is done on a massage table and clients wear loose comfortable clothing.  You are supported as necessary with pillows and bolsters, as your comfort during the treatment is of utmost importance!